The Sentinel
Dave Seter

The Sentinel

Among this group of deer the sentinel
stomps its hoof in alarm as a doe wanders off
to approach me with curiosity. I’m a khaki blot
on the landscape to beings with weaker sight.
Breeze in my face, my scent is also deflected
while I enjoy the spice of meadow grass.
The doe comes closer, my hunt grows passive.
All I need to do is stand still. The doe contorts
its neck as if triangulation will help translate
my flatness into form. Surprising myself,
I stomp the ground, startling the doe into retreat
as if honoring instinct, an unspoken contract,
this shared responsibility to teach the hunted fear.

Dave Seter

has contributed poems to various publications and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Born in Chicago, he has lived on both coasts and currently resides in Sonoma County, California. His chapbook, Night Duty, was published in 2010 by Main Street Rag Publishing Company.