Rowhouse Angel
Elisabeth Murawski

Rowhouse Angel

Wrapped up in vines,
she stands out in the light

of a thousand-watt bulb.
Who would want an angel

of such proportions
in their own back yard?

She reins in giant wings.
Will assume no other pose

even if the trumpet sounds.
Perhaps she was chosen

not to guard a lawn
rife with brown spots

and fading yellow roses
but for the stone itself,

a stab at permanence.
Maybe she said touch me.

I am as solid and real
as you think I am.

Elisabeth Murawski

is the author of Heiress, which received the Poetry Society of Virginia Book Award for 2018; Zorba’s Daughter, which won the May Swenson Poetry Award; Moon and Mercury; and two chapbooks. Her recent publication credits include The Yale Review, The Hudson Review, and The Carolina Quarterly. A native of Chicago, she currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.