Recovery from Silence
A. Molotkov

Recovery from Silence

I pretend to be a different creature. Different from

We are all the same flesh, same thought, same
irrelevant air, same brutal stars.

Little is lost. Wisps of clarity emerge until my life
lies before me, transparent.

A fist frozen midair, a word stilled in a mouth.

Anxious blood awaits the next heartbeat.

Numb fingers cling to the edge, but the edge is
something assumed, like playing a piano with
another’s amputated hands.

A thin thread of vein to stitch the holes in ourselves.

Everything up to now, a preamble.

A. Molotkov

is an immigrant writer. His poetry collections are The Catalog of Broken Things, Application of Shadows, Synonyms for Silence, and Future Symptoms. His novel A Slight Curve and his memoir A Broken Russia Inside Me are forthcoming. He co-edits The Inflectionist Review. His collection of ten short stories, Interventions in Blood, is part of Hawaii Review Issue 91.