Nest in a Winter Tree
Julie L. Moore

Nest in a Winter Tree

          after Elizabeth Turk’s Wing 5, 1998, Colorado Yule Marble

Near the winter solstice, amid a maple’s taciturn timber
      here on my snow-marbled lawn,

sits a nest, like a sparrow once did.
      And I wonder how Plato could believe

we’d fallen from once-heavenly flights,
      unglued, as we’d supposedly become, from our glory.

This persevering nest seems to thrum
      upon the stripped bones of solitude.

And a moon-silver feather, like a bow,
      could play the air’s tender strings,

sliding, side to side,
      as it reaches for land.

So tell me: What body,
      whole or broken,

doesn’t have the soul of that song
      swelling in its breasts?

Julie L. Moore

is the author of Particular Scandals, published in the Poiema Poetry Series by Cascade Books. Her other books include Slipping Out of Bloom (WordTech Editions), and Election Day (Finishing Line Press). She has contributed poetry to Alaska Quarterly Review, Image, Nimrod, Poetry Daily, Prairie Schooner, Southern Review, Verse Daily, and other journals and anthologies. Her website is