Kathleen Bruce (Scott) Asks to See Her Parasitic Twin
Kate Fox

Kathleen Bruce (Scott) Asks to See Her Parasitic Twin

Let’s assume, little tumor, that our bodies misread
the imperative, made you contingent, parasitic, another
me within me for reasons only cells with their chromatin
ladders can fathom, tuft of hair, teeth, toenails, one

crescent-lidded eye gazing through veils of veins
for almost thirty years, a secret beneath my ribcage
desiring nothing more than a pocket in which to curl
like a nautilus, though hidden life can nucleate, burst

its borders, infect its host. From now on, every loss
will tether itself to this scar, formaldehyde’s stinging
release when I uncorked the specimen jar, fished

your baby-fist cadaver from the smoky liquid, let it curl
like a comma in my palm, all that can go wrong with a body
that still fights for that one fragile and fleeting attachment.

Kate Fox

has contributed to Great River Review, New Ohio Review, Green Mountains Review, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Mount Hope, and West Branch. Her chapbook The Lazarus Method was published by Kent State University Press as part of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Series. Her most recent chapbook, a series of persona poems entitled Walking Off the Map, was published by Seven Kitchens Press in 2015.