Intimacies of Dark-Days
Leonore Hildebrandt

Intimacies of Dark-Days

In this mammalian winter—
  feral eyes patrolling the porch,
    eaves absorbed with gallantries of icicles—
you and I house the cats, beggars at dawn.

The year lies open in packets of seed—
  and I sing of plots and paths,
the gist of spring, all to please you.

When evening sifts into orange light,
  a wind uproots our secrets.
Flurries billow and collapse over the field.

Snow dancers flex the air, mingling
  laces and jade into dark, stretching
    —long into longing—
a fleece for the newborn night.

Leonore Hildebrandt

is the author of the poetry collections Where You Happen to Be, The Work at Hand, and The Next Unknown. Her poems and translations have appeared in Cimarron Review, The Fiddlehead, Harpur Palate, and other journals. She has received fellowships from the Elizabeth George Foundation, the Maine Community Foundation, and the Maine Arts Commission. She teaches writing at the University of Maine and serves on the editorial board of the Beloit Poetry Journal.