I Walk Through
Sarah E. N. Kohrs

I Walk Through

a stark field, forged
            with young trees
upon which blackbirds
            settle at the tips,
            enticed by night.

Sometime yesterday
            or before, the leaves
flew off in clouds
            of migration, roving
marshward where
            the sun glowers
behind a sky water-
            marked by storms.

The splotchiness
            mimics flounder fish,
sight-side up,
            chameleoned into
microscopic moons,
            sliced from beyond
into leathery frays,
            like feathers
poised for flight
            toward what’s being lost.

Sarah E. N. Kohrs

is a potter, photographer, and writer, with poetry most recently in Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Flyway, Rattle’s “Poets Respond,” and Watershed Review. She directs Corhaven Graveyard, a historic burial ground for formerly enslaved Americans, and is the managing editor of The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review.