Eve's Dream
Richard Brostoff

Eve's Dream

The memory
of our earliest home

is never relinquished,
and lies awake

in the body.
In the vibrant colors

of my dreams,
I kept passing

from the garden’s
lit perimeter—

the embrace
of its enclosures,

its calm geometry
and indelible greens—

into aridity: a world
of grasping roots

and solitary trees
piercing the soil

where no water stirred.
And because I dreamed

each night of my return
to that first home

but woke each dawn
to exile—

I was banished not
once but repeatedly.

Thus the cruelty
of the garden:

its refusal to die.

Richard Brostoff

is the author of two collections: Momentum (La Vita Poetica), and A Few Forms Of Love (Finishing Line Press). His poems and essays have appeared in Rattle, North American Review, Atlanta Review, Poetry East, Verse Daily, and many other journals.