After the Sand Paintings and Life of Victor DeGraff
Alyssa Jewell

After the Sand Paintings and Life of Victor DeGraff

Let’s go the way of false indigo
            spreading into leafless nooks,

                          drop its feathered stalks

into the stone pools laid out
            at world’s end,

                          for we have come a respectable way

together and there is not much more
            to offer our own stretch of road
                          than this burning—

a blue flame of petals waterfalled up over
            our skin grown so thin

                          that we are just paths

veering off into spring rivulets
            the color of sage, the color of veins

                          in your hands that used to drop

blue herons out of sky
            and sand into seconds

                          which have no measure

when they cloak plaster walls:
            loose earth given shape 
                          to gulls’ beaks, pipers paddling

a shore’s harsh curves reimagined, horizons
            lost to umber and bison
                          kicking down cold summer fields
blushed of the world’s dust as if to ask
            how we are here, watching.

Alyssa Jewell

studies poetry at Western Michigan University, where she served as assistant editor for New Issues Poetry and Prose and is currently poetry editor for Third Coast. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Blue Earth Review, Columbia Review, Fifth Wednesday, and other journals.